Did you miss Brookside Elementary’s Parent’s Tech Night Out sessions?  Here is some of the information that was covered.


Tech Skills for online testing

Department of Academic Achievement and Professional Development

January 2014


The Latest and Greatest!


The Ohio legislature has allowed for a change in the testing of Reading for Grade 3 in order to accommodate the requirements for the Third Grade Guarantee.


ALL 3rd Grade students will now take the Reading OAA.  It will be administered to all Worthington students on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.


Computer-Based Assessments

In Worthington our students will take the new State Assessments online this year.  Your district and school administrators and teachers have been working to get the devices needed for testing and to ensure that your child is familiar with the tools and the format of the test.  Some of the technology tools that your child will have access to on the computer-based assessment include:

  • Highlighter
  • Eliminating answers
  • Line Reader
  • Magnifier
  • Headphones/noise buffer
  • Lots more

Special accommodations that are needed for students who are ELL or on an IEP or 504 would be discussed and agreed upon through the parent and teacher (IEP team).  If you have questions please contact your child’s teacher.


What is Different About The New Assessments?


The Spring 2015 Administration of the PARCC assessment includes two separate test administration

windows: the Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) and the End-of-Year (EOY), both of which will be

administered in a computer-based format.


The first window will be for administration

of the PBA, and the second window will be for the administration of the EOY. A student must participate

in both windows for a complete content area score.


The PBA administration occurs after approximately 75 percent of instructional time is complete. The

ELA/Literacy PBA will focus on writing effectively when analyzing text. The Mathematics PBA will focus on applying skills and concepts, and understanding multistep problems that require abstract reasoning, precision, perseverance, and strategic use of tools.


The EOY administration occurs after approximately 90 percent of instructional time is complete. For the

EOY, students will demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge by answering selected-response


For a schedule of the testing windows for the district please to the District Assessment Calendar link.
Each building will be creating its own testing schedule.  Please check the building websites for the 2015 Brookside Assessment Calendar @


What Can Parents Do to Help Their Child Get Ready?

The field testing of the new state assessments has shown that students who have had an opportunity to learn the online features and technology tools ahead of the actual test feel more successful when taking the test.  To help with that PARCC has created tutorials to provide opportunity for this learning and practice.  The PARCC practice site (click here) has resources for both elementary and secondary students.  This is a great way for parents to get involved and help as we go through our first year with the online assessments.


If you are interested in more information on curriculum, instruction and the new assessments please visit our Parent Resource webpage (Academic Achievement – Parent Resources)