Student Directory

Dear Brookside Families,

Brookside PTA publishes a Student Directory annually as a courtesy to students and parents using data provided by the school district.  This directory lists Brookside students, their addresses, phone numbers, email and parents’ names, along with a school calendar, district phone contacts, class lists, staff and PTA contacts.  Directories will be distributed in the fall to each Brookside family, compliments of the Brookside PTA.

You DO NOT need to fill out this form if:
- You WANT TO BE LISTED in the student directory
- You have NO CHANGES or additions to your contact information

You DO need to fill out this form and return it to Brookside by Wednesday, October 7 if any of the following apply:
- You DO NOT want to be included in the student directory
- Your address, phone number or any other information listed in last year’s directory was INCORRECT or has changed
- You would like to include your EMAIL address and it has not been listed in the directory before.  (NOTE: PTA does not receive email addresses from the school district)

Best Regards,
Abbey Cowan
Directory Chair, Brookside PTA