Getting Active

Worthington Running Programs

Organizer: Colonial Hills Elementary School Cross Country Club
Who: 1st – 6th grades
Cost: FREE!
Description: One mile course with races being run by grade level (1st/2nd grade race, 3rd/4th grade race, etc.) The first meet is the John Blaine Classic on Sept 29.  This meet is actually open to all runners in the Columbus area, so they are hoping it will be a sizable meet.  The other meet will be the Colonial Hills Invitational on November 7 for  runners within the Worthington School District only.  CHES_CC_John_Blaine_Classic_2013.

Contact: Janet McDermott, Co-Director WYB Track and Field

For information on WYB Track and Field, click here.

Kids and Excercise

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Kids and Excercise
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Local Gym & Rec Center Offerings

OhioHealth Exercise and Fitness Classes
Lifetime Fitness
Worthington Rec Center

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