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Good nutrition is the foundation for good health. And in a fast food world, prepackaged foods and drive-thrus make it easy to feed children less than healthy options. Time and planning are necessary, and aren’t always an option when the kids have outside activities, mom and dad work full-time, and just getting everyone dressed should be an Olympic sport. So, below we’ve listed some links we love, and that will hopefully make getting healthy food on the table and in lunch boxes easy. Take a look:


Super Healthy Kids offers lots of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Meal Mom Makeovers offers recipes for breakfast, school lunches and dinner, resources, and they have a cookbook out called “No Whine with Dinner” that is available at the library.
100 Days of Real Food offers recipes for breakfast, school lunches and dinner. Her blog began as a challenge for her family to clean (“real”) food on a budget for 100 days. It is now a terrific resource for eating and living clean.
Momables offers healthy school lunch ideas. She has great recipes and offers an affordable meal plan subscription for weekly lunch ideas.
Pinterest boards offer great visuals and link off to original posts that include the recipe.
Sweet Peas & Pumpkins is the blog of a foodie mom cooking healthy, natural foods for her family.
Clean Eating contains online recipes and tips for healthy meal planning.
The Kids Cook Monday is a new campaign that encourages families to cook and eat together each week.



Short on time? Here are some healthier carryout options so you can ditch the drive-thru:

  • Chipotle uses fresh ingredients and offers a build-your-own taco meal for kids (everything served on the side), and service is fast.
  • Whole Foods has a food bar and a plethora of pre-made healthy meals to grab and go.
  • Subway is a better choice than a fast food burger, be sure to load the sandwich up with veggies.
  • Tensuke Market has pre-packaged meals such as sushi or noodles.
  • Keep a snack bag with healthy options to help ward off hunger.

Make-ahead recipes (freezer/crockpot)


10 Easy Breakfast Crockpot Recipes




Healthy School Lunches start with you – Lifetime Fitness Foundation

WebMD FIT Kids: great site for kids. Each day there is a question and a goal for kids to reach each day – pertaining to food, fitness, and mood.
Michael Pollan (wrote the “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and has excellent resources on his site)
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution



Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

Jamie Oliver – Chicken Nuggets Experiment (2010-03-26)



Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month

Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea by Alice Waters



Green Bean Delivery

Local Matters

Greener Grocer

Whole Foods

Trader Joes


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