Auction 101

How does the Silent Auction work?
At Brookside’s Silent Auction, we have a designated area set up with tables where items up for auction are displayed. Beside each item is a bidding sheet and a pen.  If you see an item you would like to bid on, simply write your name, contact info and the amount you would like to bid on the sheet.  If another participant would like to bid on the same item, they will write their name below yours with an increased bid amount.  This cycle continues until the bidding time comes to an end at which point whoever had the highest bid wins the item.  You may bid on as many items as you wish and as many times as you would like on those items up until the bidding has ended.  It is not uncommon for participants to get items for LESS than the face value of the item, making it a great place to get deals!

How do I pay for items I’ve won in the Silent Auction?
You will pay for item(s) you’ve won at the end of the evening before you leave via cash or credit card.  We will have an area for payment available with several volunteers to assist you.

When will I receive items I’ve won in the Silent Auction?
After you have paid for your item(s), you will receive the item immediately and you will be able to take it home at that point.  If the item up for bid was a service or gift certificate for a product, you will receive an envelope containing the certificate.

Who can participate in Auction Night?
Anyone is welcome!  Invite your friends and neighbors!

How can I get involved?
An event of this scale takes lots of help from our Brookside community to pull off!
There are many ways you can be involved in this event:

  • Ask businesses to donate goods or services to the auction
    (see attached Letter to Businesses)
  • Ask entertainers to donate their talents to the auction event
  • Donate an item or basket directly to the auction
  • Ask teachers how you can contribute to Group Baskets
  • Make (or purchase) a dessert for the dessert station at the event
  • Volunteer at (or simply ATTEND) the event
  • Make a monetary donation to Brookside PTA

Who can I contact with questions?
You can contact Auction Chair, Mandy Cummings at with questions of if you would like to help with the event.