Brookside Bash


Brookside Bash is our all-day Last Day of School Party and will take place on May 24, 2017. Children make tie-dye t-shirts in art class (color-coded by grade) and spend all day cycling through 9-12 outdoor activity stations with their grade.  It’s the perfect way to end the year with your child.  Parents are encouraged to  volunteer.

Click here to see photos from last year’s End of Year party


Children spend approximately 30 minutes at each station and an air horn signals them to move between stations.  This year’s activities include:

  • Nitro station – children end 9 lengths of rope attached to a platform with a cup of water sitting on it.  Kids must work together to walk the cup down to a bucket.  The team that fills their bucket first wins.
  • Giant Twister
  • Giant Water Slide
  • Hippy Hop obstacle course race
  • Pizza Box Race
  • Popsicles at the Pond
  • Bounce house and inflatable wrecking ball
  • Pass the hula hoop
  • Beach ball bounce

Kids take a break for lunch and watch movies in their classrooms.

At the end of the day, children report back to their homerooms to prepare for the always emotional “clap out”.  At the clap out,  graduating 6th graders walk the halls, lined with proud parents, teachers, staff and students who applaud their final walk through the halls of Brookside as students.


  • Children should report to their homerooms as usual.
  • Children should come to school with sunscreen applied.
  • Children may want to bring a water bottle.
  • Children will receive their tie dye t-shirt at the beginning of the day to change in to.
  • Children WILL get wet and should wear appropriate shoes and shorts.


Get a jump on the sign-up sheet here and make sure to share this once in a lifetime experience with your child and their friends!  Volunteers report to the check-in table in front of the school to receive their station assignments.  Volunteers may choose a morning or afternoon shift (or both).  Volunteers will receive a complimentary lunch courtesy of the PTA Wellness Committee.

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